Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Countdown activities L-7

Had a pretty hectic weekend - clearing & re-sorting travel stuff. Never had to pack for 2 months before. Had to work in S'pore for 1 month - living in a hotel. That wasn't fun.

So the tough question is how much stuff to bring?

Also had some friends over to bid me farewell..sort of fun and sad at the same time. Oh well, I will still see you guys end July. 2 months ain't that long. And we can have another welcome back makan-makan (Ijok Beggar Chicken?).

Yes - I will look for some pics to upload next time. Sort of have a before and after trip pic?
Bye for now.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Start of a new journey

A friend asked me to start a blog to document my up-coming trip. I am leaving for Canada end of May, for 2 months. Some of them wanted to keep in touch and know what's happening to me in the land of the maple leaf...

It's my dream trip, it took many years for me to come to this point where I have enough resources to take time off for self-actualisation. I am quitting my job and am taking time to experience life as a backpacker.

Perhaps backpacker is a misnomer - I seem to have too much luggage, too many bags for a backpacker. Oh well, back to packing and sorting out what stuff I need...

Canada here I come (12 days and counting).