Friday, July 20, 2007

Banff to Jasper

We went through the most scenic highways in the whole of Canada - It's Highway 1, also called the Columbia Icefields. It's a valley surrounded by majestic peaks and glaciers. Apparently there's like 600 glaciers in the whole of the Rockies and we saw many that day.

Oh oh - saw a black bear on the highway.

We stopped for a glacier tour of Athabasca Glacier. It's part of the Columbia Icefields. A special monster truck took us up to the glacier itself. Cool trip. It's much much bigger that the Franz Joseph in NZ.

Rolled into Jasper in the evening. Am very happy to be back here. Love this little town. Managed to go for the Town tour (for CA$2). Interesting stories about the people and place.

Also rented a bicycle and with 4 others and biked up 2 hills to the Lake Patricia and Mt Pyramid. Arghhh 7 km uphill. Going up - 55 min. Coming down was a breeze (10 min) - cold breeze as it rained. But the scenery was worthed the effort.

After 14 km, 2 of us decided to bike some more (get our money's worth - bike rental was 1/2 day @ CA$22). So we went over to the Old Fort Trail, crossed the Athabasca River and cycled on to Lake Beauvert and Jasper Park Lodge. Such a lovely place. Would love to stay there is I am rich:))) That's another 10 kms of trails. I swear I have never cycled so much or so long in a day. My butt was screaming murder, and my calves and thighs were aching. Nice hot bath in Jasper.

I've discovered the joy of taking hot baths (vs showers). Sheer bliss.


Foodies said...

You must be su[er fit by now .... the way you describe it , I starting like to leave my workplace and join you ....

Li Por said...

Hi Bob,
i wouldn't say superfit but I think I spend 3-5 hours a day walking or biking or doing some sort of activity. Somehow, my neck and shoulder pain is lesser. Of course, my kaki aches from all that walking:) - was shopping from 11.30 to 4.30 today. I may have to reconsider a different lifestyle now.