Friday, July 20, 2007

Jasper whitewater rafting today

Wow - 3 posts in one day. Actually managed to get free computer and internet at the hotel we are staying tonight. That's why a deluge of updates and emails. At Ca$6 to 8 for 1 hour for internet, have to be a bit kiasu to jaga pocket.

Well - we left Jasper in the morning for some whitewater rafting. Really cool/awesome/fun trip. Water is freaking cold though. The wetsuit isn't that effective and the water seeps in - wow - like getting ice cold bath. And the water is high, so great run. The guide invited us to jump into the river - yup, we did.

Had buffalo burger after the rafting trip. Soooo good. No regrets (on calories or cost since it's a RM30 burger :) From a roadside type of cafe.

Travelled from Jasper to Kamloops today. Saw a timber wolf - walking on the highway. Woohoo.

So far live wild animals tally - 1 moose, 2 black bears, 5-6 elks, 3 white-tail deer, 4 mule deer, many many bighorn sheep, 4 loons (Canada's national bird), 1 beaver, wild geese, many squirrels - black, red, brown and golden, 4-5 ermines, 1 chipmunk, ravens, crows, magpies, 1 lobster (wild and live one, not dead in the supermarket or on my plate), 1 wolf. Too bad no whales although I did go for Whale watching tour. Do mosquitoes count? Cos there's millions and zillions here.

Leaving Kamloops for 2 nights in Whistler (one of the places that the winter Olympics was held). It's the premier skiing resort in the world. Supposed to be another adventurous and fun place to be. Another paddle & peddle trip coming up (paddle = canoeing, peddle = biking).

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