Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jasper National Park

What a fantastic place this is. Lots of hikes, biking trails. Water sports too - canoeing and white water rafting. The scenery is fabulous - surrounded by mountains. Did a "Path of the Glacier Walk" tour in Mt Edith Cavell.

Saw 3 glaciers and a lake with icebergs. Imagine - icebergs in the mountains. The icebergs were formed when pieces of the glacier breaks off in summer. It's amazing to walk to among the pieces of huge icebergs. When we were there, there was an avalance. It was loud and looks like a waterfall, except it's ice. The guide said the ice fell about 300-400m off the mountain cliff.

So far - for scenery and adventure stuff - I would recommend the Rockies as the best place to visit Canada if you have only a few days and can only see a small part of the country.


Foodies said...

Did you see the Avalance? It must be awesome.

Chun Lim & Sook Fun said...

Sound awesome. Look like will have add another place to visit in our must visit places.

nsping said...

Ok. I think I'll give up NZ for this...It certainly sounds more interesting than the glacier walk in NZ.

Li Por said...

Yup - saw the avalanche - it's a little one. The sound of the avalanche is more scary.
I do have a pic of the snow coming down - it looks like water falling down a clift.