Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Belated Halifax posts

Arrived in a cold windy Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia. Check out the Hostel there. It's called the Heritage House and I was in the 8-bed ladies dorm. Quite comfy with all the creature comforts of home (tv, DVD, library, kitchen).

Went grocery shopping for breakfast stuff to save some money...

The next morning, went jalan-jalan downtown Halifax. Quite easy to walk around. Everything in squares. This is a picture of a cute Scot wanna-be (not real Scot but dressed up soldier) at the Citadel Hill/Fort.

The fort is an old military base during the early 17th century when Halifax first started. A tiny military museum has a lot of stories on the military past of Halifax and Canada.

Also had a boat tour - Murphy's Whale Watching Tour. Unfortunately, only see lots of seabirds and lobster/crab (in a trap). The whales have not reached Halifax as due to the cold weather, the krill and mackeral (whale food) have not arrived yet.

The next day, followed the Salty Bear tour to Peggy's Cove. To see some famous landmarks. Also visited the famous Titanic cemetary - see if you remember J. Dawson (aka Leonardo Dicaprio character).

PS: The Tombstone is actually James Dawson, not Jack Dawson (he is a fictional character).
Back to Montreal - 22 hours via Via train.

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