Friday, June 8, 2007

Moose sighting

After Niagara Falls, signed up a backpacker trip to Alqonguin Provicial Park.
To see Moose and hopefully 2 mooses or is it "meese"?

Unfortunately the weather was cold and wet. I would say Canada's weather blows hot and cold and is hard to predict.

The park is nice. Temperate forests with many many lakes. Was supposed to follow the group for canoeingm but it's 5 degress in the wind and rain. So spent the afternoon wrapped up with a nice book instead. BTW - they, the canoeists saw a beaver.

Well good bit is - we saw a she-moose the next day, near one of the lakes.
Cool. Will upload the pic when I get to Montreal.
(can you see the tiny moose?)

Yesterday was great and sunshiny but cold when the wind blows.
Took the ferry over to Toronto Island. Nice park. Rented a bike to get around. Let's just say that my backside and thighs disagreed with such activity.

Leaving Toronto today for Montreal.

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Foodies said...

Wah, sounds like you are really enjoying your life there. Say hi to the Moouse .... Wah, I wish I can see the beaver too ...