Thursday, June 21, 2007

Leaving Montreal for Toronto, westward bound to Winnipeg

Will bid adieu to Montreal and family tmr, leaving by train to Toronto, followed by westward-bound train to Minaki (Winnipeg) on Saturday. Have booked a backpacker vantrip tour of Manitoba for 4 days. Its called Toban Adventure and it will take to me little towns Minaki, Falcon Beach and Grand Beach Manitoba.

Canada is such a huge country - you cannot believe the distances between cities. Am keeping a km log. Montreal-Halifax is 1,346km. Montreal-Toronto - 539km. Toronto-Minaki (a small little town in Manitoba, near to Winnipeg) is 1,758km. The train leaves at 9am, arrives the next day at 12.37pm. A trip of 27 hours. Woohoo. Winnipeg to Jasper (Rocky Mountains) is another mega trip of 1,657km. Will try to update more soon.


nsping said...

huh! and I used to think that Melb-Adelaide (700+km), Melb-Syd (900+km) were big deals! peanuts!!

Foodies said...

not much like backpack to me yet, Li Por. So, the backpacking starts now?

Li Por said...

Well - you know melah. A bit more luxury with backpacking:)

But am spending more than I've budgetted as the tours were pretty expensive.