Friday, June 1, 2007

Many many belated posts later

Is there such thing as a belated post?
Well, good intentions to do a Take-off posts to update you folks but what can I say, I ran out of time. Too many things to do, so little time. Plus have better excuse now - no access to internet.
So here goes:

T-4 (Last day @ work)
Frantic rush to complete projects and handover. Can feel the stress factor shooting over the roof. Goodbye Wyeth. Will miss you guys there. Happy working.

T-3 (Drive back to Penang)
Had to leave car with my dad. Hopefully, he will take care of it.
Didn't know it was the start of schoolbreak. Heavy traffice and massive jam at the bridge.

T-2 (Japanese Buffet lunch treat from Auntie)
Thanks. Great stuff.

T-1 (back to KL via Airasia).
Must say, I do appreciate the cheap tickets from AA. The taxi ride back costs more than my flight.

Take-off - left at 6.15am. It was a long long day.
First sight of HK airport. Steel and glass and expensive stuff. I cannot believe a bottle of water costs RM8.

After 15 hours of butt-numbing flight from HK to Toronto - finally arrived. Clear blue skies, even at 7.30pm.

Had a nice time getting acclimatised.
More posts later.
Now in Niagara Falls.


Azleena said...

Hi Nicole, hope that you are having fun. I am trying to buy the book 'Law of Attraction'. Trying to psycho myself..if you know what I mean...he he he..take care...

Li Por said...

Actually the book Trudy recommended was called The Secret. Hope to read it soon.

Am reading a Christian book called a Purpose Driven Life.
Very complicated and religious....

Foodies said...

Hope you find revelation in the book. Continue reading your blog.