Monday, June 11, 2007

Leaving for Halifax via VIA train

Will be leaving for Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia, by train the evening.
It will be a long overnight journey of 22 hours.

Will see the eastern bit of Canada and hopefully do some kayaking.
Haven't gone into the water yet.


Foodies said...

Wow.... looks like you are having lots of fun .... hmm .. getting into water .. isn't it still cold there ??

nsping said...

Thanks for the lovely pic. I like the green water & blue sky in particular. Trust you are having a great time. Any chance for soul searching yet?? Just joking :))! Enjoy!!!

syloke said...

Wah! Nice photos. Keep us update by more posting & photos. Enjoy :-)

chunlim said...

Nice photoes. The niagara fall look splendid. The Squirel is cute 2. But why no update since 11/6. Too busy enjoying your trip???

Li Por said...

The water is pretty freezing. Cannot go canoeing yet.
Yup - having a holiday:)